SO happy I found this community! I love Kara and Helo. They are just so perfect together :)

I have a question - I see in a lot of K/H fics that Helo calls Kara "'Buck." I can't remember ever hearing him call her that in the show - I only recently finished watching all the eps, but I've been looking through some of their scenes and I still can't find him calling her that anywhere. Did I totally miss this? Or is it a fanon thing? I think it's really cute, I was just wondering if he called her this as a nickname in a particular episode, or what. Thanks! 

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Ficlet: Rooks Wild
Title: Rooks Wild
Author: Daybreak
Characters: Helo, Kara
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Can take place sometime in Six of One. But honestly, I wrote this before I ever saw an episode of season 4.
Summary: He was still there, trying. Perhaps he always would be.
Word Count: 562

Rooks Wild

The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop... [userpic]
Fic: Losers and Winners (pg-13)
Title: Losers and Winners
Author: sabaceanbabe
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 333
Focus: Karl Agathon and Kara Thrace
Setting: their Academy days

"You lose, Agathon. Pay up."

Ambassador Dummy Dummy Dumb Dums [userpic]
playground revolution
title, rating: playground revolution, pg13
pairing, count: slight kara/helo, 478
notes: written for lunatics_word
helo finds her on the swings

lucy in the sky [userpic]
Fic: Diversionary Tactics
Title: Diversionary Tactics

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

Pairing: Kara/Lee, Kara/Helo, Lee/Other

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: "Black Market"

(Helo may be boring sometimes by her standards, but with the way his tongue swirls enticingly against the skin of her neck, she's willing to overlook it.)

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Fic: Sweet Rewards (Kara/Helo)

Title: Sweet Rewards
Pairing: Kara/Helo
Setting: Pre-mini by a year or so
Category: Complete PWP
Rating: NC-17 (Seriously explicit, NSFW)
Written for the [info]bsg_pornbattle Kara/Helo prompts “thousandth landing” and “bend don’t break”
Summary: “Figured you deserved a better reward for your thousandth landing than some stale stogies and a hangover.”

Read it here on my LJ


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fic: Gone (g)
Title: Gone
Author: sabaceanbabe
Rating: G
Word count: 339
Focus: Helo, Helo/Kara (no, not like that)
Spoilers/warnings: Spoilers for the end, and it's a little bit maudlin.
Author's note: Written for the Mourn the Fallen Challenge at Kindreds, not betaed.

Click here to read at my journal

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Fic: Paying Up

Title: Paying Up
Pairing: Kara/Helo (or Starbuck/Helo or Kara/Karl if you prefer)
Rating: R (To
Setting: Pre-Mini
Prompt: cubit
Written for Porn Battle XVII (but I got wordy. An abridged version is posted there.)

Link to my LJ:

"Whoa, hold on a minute!"




The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop... [userpic]
fic: Through the Years, 4/30? (pg-13)
Title: Through the Years, 4/30?
Author: sabaceanbabe
Word count: 946
Rating: pg-13
Characters: Starbuck, Helo
Setting: still pre-mini, 3 months after graduation
Author's note: Thank you to lizardbeth_j and lyssie for the beta. Happy birthday, poisontaster! (If you haven't read the previous chapters, click here to go to chapter 1.)

Through the Years, Chapter 4 - a little conversation between friends...

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Vid: You've Got a Friend
Title/Song: You've Got a Friend
Artist: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Characters: Kara and Helo
Spoilers: All aired episodes
Beta'd by the amazingly patient daybreak777  and my own vidding Obi-wan beccatoria 
Summary: Kara and Helo got each other's backs.

Vid notes, Streaming and download links at my LJ

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Hey everyone!

I'm Evangeline *waves at you*, I'm new to the community (though I'm not new to Kara or Karl), and I'm so happy to have found the only Helo/'Buck community on Lj. I'm lucky that it didn't slide under my radar. This place is kinda low-profile.

I've been watching BsG for years now, haven't missed more than 1-2 episodes, and I'd like to think that I know these two crazy kids pretty well. I believe that everyone, not just the members on this comm., are aware of the potential that's between Helo and Starbuck.

Man, I'll never forget the way they spar together, too cute to be true!


I don't really see much K/K interaction in Season 4, but at least Karl wasn't surprised to see her return from the dead. Unlike the others who got all paranoid and panicky, Helo sorta expected her to pull a stunt like that on the entire fleet. And he stood up for her, while they were on a mission to find Earth, for as long as he could.

Hm, yeah I think that's all for now. I have a lot to say, but it's just not coming to me right now.

I'd really love to hear from anyone, take care you guys! ♥


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Fic: End of the World as We Know it

This fic is a few months old, but I just recently found this community, so I thought I'd post.

Title: End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Rating: G

Characters: Kara, Helo

Disclaimer: Ron D. Moore owns it all.

Spoilers: Everything up to S4.10 “Revelations”

Summary: “Agathon, only you would find a frakking silver lining on a FUBAR.”

Author’s Note: "Revelations" was so unbearably bleak, especially for Kara. I wanted her to have a little comfort and someone to snap her back into the Starbuck mindset, and all of her usual men were just not right for the job.


Read it here at my LJ


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fic: Through the Years, chapters 1, 2, and 3 of about 30, pg-13
Title: Through the Years
Author: sabaceanbabe
Rating: PG-13, this installment
Word count: 532
Focus: Karl Agathon, Kara Thrace, and Margaret Edmonson, pre-series
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, please don't sue.
Authors note: Way back in the mists of time, for, I believe, the second Sweet Charity auction, poisontaster bid on me and "won" a fic. She wanted Helo and Starbuck or Helo and Racetrack and then finally settled on something with all three of them because she likes the way I write them. Heh. While this piece is only about 500 words, others will be longer. Some of them much longer, because the plan is to follow Helo and Starbuck (and eventually Racetrack) from when they meet all the way to the end. Not episode by episode, mind you, through the ups and downs of their sometimes way too eventful lives.

Chapter 1, in which Kara and Karl meet at the academy

Chapter 2, in which Kara becomes bored

Chapter 3, in which Maggie does some soul searching

Subsequent chapters will be posted individually.

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5 icons
5 Kara/Helo icons ( here ) [+ 35 other Kara icons]

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Rules Change
Title: Rules Change
Author: FoxRayne
Pairing: Kara/Lee, Kara/Helo, Kara/Helo/Lee, slight Bill/Roslin
Rating: R
Spoilers: none
Summary: She purred between a wide grin, “No, that you love frakking me. You love stepping away from your neat little life and your morals and frakking someone so…dirty…damaging…wrong for you.”

Read Here

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BSG Fic - A Good Time
Title: A Good Time
Authors: volatile/becisvolatile
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Pre Mini.
Characters: Starbuck/Helo
Genre: Filth.
Summary: “What was I drinking when I agreed to this?”
Disclaimer: Not my sandpit.
Notes: I don’t know if anyone recalls me taking a bunch of prompts back in March, but I totally haven’t forgotten them. latteaddict’s request was:

Kara and Helo six months before the attacks. They get shore leave and decide to go on a double date with people they just meet. Stuff happens and Kara/Helo end up together for the night (and possibly do the wild monkey dance in public somewhere - bathroom, alley, car, dark corner etc)

Latte, you had me at “wild monkey dance”. Plus, I’ve never met a ship that wasn’t enriched by sex in an alley. Hopefully I filled the brief to your satisfaction.

A Good Time
Music: "When I Was A Young Girl" - Feist

Fic - Halcyon Days
Fic: Halcyon Days
Author: riane
Rating: R
4.10 Revelations
Summary: Kara/Helo. Affair. Inspired by this battle

Link here

RJ [userpic]
haven't posted in awhile, so...
untitled (does smut ever really need a title?)

pairing: Kara/Karl

rating: ummm NC-17 just to be safe. it's not quite as filthy as i normally like to write.

setting: pre mini. before any significant others, alive or dead, came into the picture.

summary: it's smut, so no summary needed,right?

A/N: a friend of mine had a birthday yesterday so this was written and posted for her. unbeta'd.

wee bit of smutteryCollapse )

Fic - Ascension
Title: Ascension
Author: riane
Rating: R
Spoilers: Season 1
Summary: Kara/Helo. Kara/Zak. Her salvation. His torment. Angst.

Link here

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